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Question about Buying

Most new builds are built on a staged payment plan where payments are linked to construction progress and so cost is spread over a time period typically 6 to 9 months


Staged Payments Plan Example

• 200,000 THB upon reserving your plot.
• 1st payment: 25% of total of sale price
• 2nd payment:20% of total on completion of 2nd stage of construction.
• 3rd payment: 10% of total on completion of 3rd stage of construction.
• 4th payment: 10% of total on completion of 4th stage of construction.
• 5th payment: 10% of total on completion of 5th stage of construction.
• 6th payment: 10% of total on completion of 6th stage of construction.
• 7th payment: 10% of total on completion of 7th stage of construction.
• Final payment: 5% of total land and house price when the home is completed and ready for transfer

We recommend to all our clients to appoint an approved solicitor

Your solicitor should be familiar with local legal requirements and translations.

Ensure your rights like servitude and land is free of all encumberments etc

Makes sure the contract is fair and has no unusual clause and that services (power and water) are guaranteed

In short no, it is not a legal requirement in Thailand

Agents like in any country has good and bad ones and ones that have sole agencies or preferences

As buyer you should research and contact several to ensure you are seeing as many properties that match your preferences as possible and get the widest overview of what is available in the market 

This guide has been prepared to give you a brief summary and explanation for your secure purchase of a house and lease and/or purchase of land.

Purchasers will enter into the following agreements:

  • House Construction Agreement
  • Land Lease Agreement OR Land Sale and Purchase Agreement (Thai Nationals only)
  • Land Lease Renewal Agreement if land is to be leased
  • Maintenance and  Service Agreement

The main features of purchasing are:

  • The house will be transferred to a purchaser via a transfer at the Land Office therefore ensuring 100% ownership of the structure which is then transferrable at the Land to a new purchaser on any future sale.
  • Each plot of land will have its own individual Certificate of Land Title therefore enabling either a land lease to be registered against the plot of land or alternatively having title of the land transferred to the purchaser via the Land Office.
  • If leasing, a purchaser will lease their individual plot of land on a secure and legal 30 year lease.  This is the current maximum term permitted by Thai law. The Land Lease will be prepared in English and Thai and is therefore capable of being properly registered at the Land Office.
  • A purchaser will be granted an irrevocable option to renew the Land Lease for a further two periods, each of 30 years.   If we refuse to grant these renewals then we will pay you some money back for the land and we will buy the house from you at the prevailing market price.
  • The Land Lease contains an inheritance clause. This means that a purchaser can leave the remaining terms of the Land Lease to their heirs/successors in title.
  • Throughout the terms of the Land Lease, upon a subsequent sale the Land Lease can be assigned to a third party or alternatively the existing Land Lease can be terminated and a new 30 year Land Lease granted to the third party.
  • Throughout the terms of the registered land lease, the land can be transferred to any third party of your choosing.

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